How to Perform Facebook Marketing in Malaysia

If you were a business owner and were told that you could have direct marketing access to 26 million Malaysians, would you make a deal, or would you think it’s too good to be true? Well, believe it or not, Facebook has the ability to connect you with millions of Malaysians and can give you the tools to market your business to a seemingly infinite number of new customers. Facebook marketing in Malaysia is perhaps the most effective digital tool a marketer can have at their disposal.

Facebook marketing in Malaysia is not a new concept, but it is an ever-growing concept that is becoming more and more essential each day. As mentioned above, over 26 million Malaysians are on Facebook and they are all looking to interact with new brands. With average Facebook marketing in Malaysia, you can have a substantial leg up on your competition.

If you are considering going all-in and investing in Facebook marketing in Malaysia, you may want to consider working with an agency. Agencies are able to fully handle your marketing with a professional touch. But, if you want to keep things in-house, here are a few elements of Facebook marketing in Malaysia that you should be familiar with.

Brand Page

If you have a brand that people know, it’s imperative that you have a Brand Page on Facebook. A Brand Page is an official page that customers can follow for updates and information about your brand. This space is yours to do as you please, so your creative marketing team should come up with a few ways to engage customers.

Some brands like to make a brand personality and interact with their customers through comments and posts. Others like to post about promotions or sales, and some like to share interesting information related to their brand or product offering.

How you share on your Brand Page is up to you, so think about how you want your brand to be seen and heard.

Facebook Ads

Unless your brand is so ubiquitous that you get followers without any effort, you will need to do some marketing activity to attract fans to your page. Facebook has a comprehensive ads system that lets brands take full control of who they target and what they see.

If you want to target new followers, you can send ads about your brand and encourage them like your page. If you want to drive sales, you can send more salesy ads and include a “buy now” button. In each instance you can choose who to target by using geographic and demographic targeting tools, making your targeting more precise.

Facebook ads are a great way to reach a lot of prospective customers without breaking that bank. Facebook lets you control how much you spend for each campaign and provides you with plenty of data to work with to improve and enhance your future campaigns.

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