What to Know About The Green Card Process

The path to getting your green card is one that needs to be walked carefully to avoid making mistakes and delaying approval. There are specific steps that you must take in order to complete the process. If you are looking for help to navigate through the process, then you might want to consider a green card lawyer Los Angeles.

Every year thousands of people apply for their green card. Many people end up needing help to navigate the following path.

  • Adjust your residence status to permanent resident.
  • Workers will need a petition from an employer.
  • Obtain the correct visa before applying for a green card.
  • Turn in all documents needed for the application process.
  • Get the medical exam done.
  • Determine not to be a public charge.
  • Pay all required fees.

These steps should be followed without deviation in order to obtain a green card. During the green card process, these various steps are essential to get approval for a green card. Each item needs to be completed correctly and on time to avoid a delay in the green card process. If you have any questions or need help, you may contact a green card lawyer for more information.

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