The Growing Attraction of Personal-Sized Pizza

For many years, the most common times to eat pizza were when a family was tired of cooking or when a group of friends got together. In other words, eating pizza was always a group activity. But now, there is the steadily growing popularity of personal-sized pizza.

No one really knows why pizzas were traditionally made as big as they were. Maybe it was just more efficient for pizza shops to fill their ovens as much and often as possible. Because they never really had a problem selling the pizza they made.

Maybe large pizzas made the best pizza. The combination of the thin dough, the thickness of the toppings and the linings of the oven are what makes pizzas the well-loved food they are. So perhaps pizza-makers didn’t want to mess with a successful formula.

Settling Arguments

The personal pizza size may have become popular as it settled arguments over what toppings to choose among family members or groups of friends. There has been such a choosing up of sides regarding the pro and anti-pineapple contingents of the world, that one of the world’s most famous chefs, Gordon Ramsey, has come out with his thoughts on the matter (he’s against the very idea).

But everyone has to admit that the personal pizza size does have its pluses. For example, the lone pineapple lover in the family can happily eat pizza along with the others. And being able to order a personal pizza size also gets rid of the temptation to overindulge for pizza-lovers trying to lessen their consumption and lose weight. After all, who doesn’t look forward to having left-over pizza for breakfast the next morning?

Pizzas for the Individual

For people who love eating fresh pizza but live alone, it spares them of having to throw away the half-pizza that they simply couldn’t finish. And being able to order a personal pizza size saves them money as well.

It may have been something as simple as a light bulb that went off in a pizza-maker’s head when they realised that many single people often bypassed pizza for dinner just because of its size. By making it an easy and inexpensive item to order, they could increase their sales.

The ability to order a personal-sized pizza also helps promote other items on the menu. If all a pizza place offers are large-sized pizzas, they probably don’t sell as much of their other items because people simply can’t eat as much of a variety if they’re in a small group or on a date.

Whether you favour the trend in personal-sized pizzas because you can order the toppings you want, you can better control how much pizza you consume, or you can try more menu items, there is little doubt that mini-pizzas have become a popular addition to the pizza menus of today.

Take advantage of your pizza freedom by ordering your choice of toppings, no matter what the rest of your family is having. You deserve a personal pizza size today.

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