Reasons to Get a Hotel in Ratchada

Planning a trip to Bangkok is a very exciting time for any traveler. Bangkok is a dynamic, colorful city that has a lot to offer visitors. Bangkok is also a huge tourist destination with many different areas that you can choose to stay in, each having their own unique appeal.

It can be difficult for an outside to pick the right area of Bangkok for a hotel when looking at all the options. This article will highlight Ratchada, one of the most exciting and convenient areas of Bangkok where you can choose to stay. We will discuss the many benefits of staying in this part of the city and why choosing a hotel in Ratchada could be the best choice for you.

Convenient Location

One of the top reasons to choose a hotel in Ratchada is that this area of the city is conveniently located outside the city center, but is close enough that you can easily reach any other part of town that you’d like to visit.

The Ratchada area hotels are located just north of the city center and nearby the MRT subway system, which connects you via a large loop to many areas of the city. You can also take the MRT south for just a couple of stops to connect to the BTS sky train system at Sukhumvit station or the Airport Rail Link skytrain system at Asok station.

Many Nearby Attractions

While it’s great to be able to get to any area of Bangkok and take advantage of all the attractions that the city has to offer, it is also great to have popular attractions right near your hotel for days that you don’t feel like traveling too far. Hotels in the Ratchada area have many nearby attractions to keep you entertained on more restful days of your trip.

If you are a shopping enthusiast, there are many shopping malls and markets in the vicinity of Ratchada hotels, including Central Plaza Rama 9, Fortune Town, The Esplanade, and the Ratchada Night Market. This offers a host of interesting shopping and dining options for anyone. Additionally, this area features the Royal City Avenue, or RCA, where visitors can shop and eat during the day, or take advantage of a thriving nightlife scene for drinking and dancing in the evening.

Find the Perfect Ratchada Hotel for You

Whatever you are looking for during your stay in Bangkok, there is a Ratchada hotel that can cater to your needs. Take a look online to compare different hotels and see which ones might have all the features that you need and book before you arrive to take advantage of airport pick-up services and make sure you reserve the correct dates. Enjoy your hotel in Ratchada to get the most out of your Bangkok trip.

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